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Awesome Phone: Motorola Q

I’m talking about my Motorola Q. I got this three months ago and been using it non-stop. I encourage everyone to get the EVDO unlimited internet plan. Here’s a screenshot:

Here’s a list of what I do with this SmartPhone:

Make calls… duh?
Browse internet
Check Email
Sync with computer
Sync with Exchange (Calendar, Contacts, Email)
Listen to online Radio FM/XM (via Speakers or Headphones)
Watch full movies (AVI, DIVX, MPEG, WMV)
Play games/emulators (NES, Genesis)
Write text documents
View Word, Excel, and PDF files
Personal Organizer
View pictures and animated GIF
Use the phone as broadband modem
Navigator via Google maps
Check news
Event finder
Record video clips
Portable drive
MP3 player
Chat AIM/Yahoo/MSN



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