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Import MySQL Data into SQL Server

Today I needed to analyze some forum data from vBulletin running MySQL. The table on MySQL had 60,000 records. Because my playing field is SQL Server and not MySQL, and I needed to slice and dice the data, I needed a way to get the data onto SQL Server. Because of some security restrictions, I could not set up a linked server on SQL Server. I don’t have remote access to the Linux box either. I tried exporting from SQLYog, but CSV data could not be properly delimited and failed when I did a database import via the SSIS import wizard (the table has a lot of flexability to use any character and is often abused by spammers). What did I do?

I only had 4 columns to import for the table. So I ran a select statement returning one column ordered by the id. Then I copied and pasted into an Excel spreadsheet. I did this for all four rows. Because Excel doesn’t use delimiters, but rather cells to separate, I didn’t have to worry about data breaking. Then after that, I did an import via the SSIS import wizard. Ta-da, I can now slice and dice my data. There are probably more efficient ways to do this, but I needed a quick solution and this did it.

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