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New Eclipse Project with SVN Import

This requires Subclipse. If you want to create a new project and fill it with SVN source code, you can do as follows. This creates a project where you can apply Subclipse operations.

  1. Create a directory where you want to import your files from the SVN server
  2. Right click on any existing project (doesn’t matter which one)
  3. Click on import
  4. Select SVN -> Checkout Projects from SVN
  5. "Use existing repository location" radio button
  6. Select a folder (you must select a folder, not just the repo) for the folder to be checked out from SVN
  7. "Check out as a project configured using the New Project Wizard"
    Leave all options as default and click finish.

  8. Select the project type
  9. put in a project name and the location of where the files are going to be
    put in (from step 1).



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