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Project Documents

These are some of the items I’ve used in my projects. Not all items apply for all projects. Also, various items can happen simultaneously and could be maintained via various methods. Terminology may change depending on your organization.

Project Definition (PD) – Maintained via Microsoft Word

The biggest document of the lot. It includes project goals, target release, deliverables, requirements, use cases, business rules, glossary, and references other project/business documents.

Project Plan – Maintained via Microsoft Project

Timeline of the entire project. It includes, planning, approval, development, testing, deployment. The project manager receives the project plan from the vendor and may work with it as-is or may need to work together with the vendor to establish points.

Content Dictionary (CD) – Maintained via Microsoft Word

Content that will be on the user interface of applications / products. Two purposes:

  1. It is formatted using a very primitive wire-frame layout. The wire-frame represents describes to the designer the priority of text and where on the page it should be. The design team then improves on the wire-frames to include usability then turn it into mock-ups of actual web pages.
  2. Text is prepared in this document so it can easily be translated into multiple languages. This document is submitted to the translator and we get a document, with this same layout, but content translated.

Release Management (RM) – Maintained via Microsoft Word / Visio

A plan that lays out how the project is to be rolled out / released.

Quality Assurance – Maintained via Microsoft Word / Visio

A plan that lays out the strategy for quality assurance.

Site Map – Maintained via Microsoft Word / Visio

Visual layout representing new tree structure of pages that will be added to our current one.

Contractual Framework (CF) – Maintained via Microsoft Word / Adobe Acrobat Professional

Legalities of the contract, relationship, payment, and deliverables. It must be agreed by the vendor before taking on any work.

Request for Proposal – Maintained via Microsoft Word / Adobe Acrobat Professional

A quick summary that explains the details requirements of the project. Brief, around 10 pages. This is the only document that the vendor can possess without an NDA.     Word / PDF

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) – Maintained via Microsoft Word / Adobe Acrobat Professional

A document signed by the company and the vendor that states what shall remain confidential between both parties and as well as legality behind any actions taken.     Word / PDF

Vendors – Maintained via Microsoft Word / Excel

Various vendors selected based on clientele, experience (e-commerce, financial, and creative experience), portfolio, web site look-and-feel, professionalism, location, and development & management methods, size.

The software project manager will need to keep track of emails, proposals, estimates, quotes, contact information, status, etc.

Business Documents – Maintained via Microsoft Word

A collection of other documents that are part of the project in which the vendor shall use to familiarize themselves on other parts of the company – business process for departments, other projects, policies, etc.

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