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Project Management/Development/Requirements Tools

In the past as a project manager, I  came across various tools to management the never-ending lists of requirements. The following tools specialize in different key areas:

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Protopying of Products
  • Reporting
  • Use Case Modeling
  • Managing Actors & Resources
  • Collaborative Work Among Stakeholders

While Microsoft Project is best for timelines and allotting resources, its a major hassle getting it fine-grained as some of these tools. Also, it does not possess some of these major functions.

I bring this up because with all the major stakeholders and moving pieces in the auctions project, and because of the unique way that it has to be project-managed, we need more order in managing various resources and artifacts.

The tools are as follows:

Check out the WikiPage for “Comparison of project management software” for a more comprehensive list of software.

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