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A Fix For Faulty Visual Voicemail on the HTC Evo 4G

I just purchased the HTC Evo a few weeks ago and was privileged to enjoy the annoyance of a faulty visual voicemail. To summarize my problem:

  • The Voicemail App Widget was NOT showing any new voicemails
  • I was not being notified in the notifications panel when a new voicemail arrived
  • In the Voicemail app, it said “No Voicemails”

This was after me fumbling through every conceivable option in Android. I had voicemail notifications turned on and my voicemail was set. I could still check my voicemail manually by holding the number 1 key – but this was very annoying. I went to a Sprint support person, and we were trying out various settings for about 20 minutes without success. Finally, he suggested that I turn off the phone, take out the battery, and then wait 30 seconds to put the battery back on and start it. That did nothing, however.

I was thinking that maybe my recent update to Froyo had anything to do with it. Also, maybe the fact that my number was ported from an iPhone on AT&T. So I tried to look for solutions online. I found two forum posts from people having the same problem:

What Worked For Me

So it seems there are three types of solutions (from what I read in these posts). The third worked for me.

Solution #1: (Quoting Zera from the evo4gforum):

1. Ok, open your voicemail program, it will likely show the “No voicemails” screen.
2. Hit Menu>compose then click in the “To” field at the top to bring up your keyboard.
3. Type this exactly:
4. Hit record, then hit stop.
5. Hit send.

My voicemails I’d been leaving myself all morning to test flooded in within 5 seconds, and the voicemail icon is showing the number of voicemails as well.

Solution  #2: (Quoting peakay from evo4gforum – but forum mod states that the Ghost number is unique and you need to get that from Sprint) :

I just had this problem and nothing I did or looked up help (including the excellent help posted here by the moderator). got off of the line with Sprint and apparently there is sometimes a “Ghost” number set up on your phone during initiation and if your ported # does not get embedded in the software properly, you are hosed.

here is how you fix it:

– from dialer, dial ##643750#
– a menu will pop up, hit edit mode
– there will be 2 options — can’t remember the names.  the top one will be what should be your phone # and the bottom one is a general access # that is *not* your phone #
– on the top entry, click edit and replace the # with your own phone #
– click the menu button on the phone and initiate the change

After I did this, my many test voicemails arrived after about 10 seconds.

Solution #3: (Quoting Sirchuck from xda-developers forum):

It sounds like there is an issue regarding your profile. You could try updating your profile.

Settings – System Updates – Update Profile

Also update the PRL while you’re there.

If those solutions don’t solve your problem, I suggest you read through the entire two forum threads. They contain other suggestions that might work.


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