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Reasons I’m Not a Fan of Google Chrome OS

I’m assuming you’ve seen what Chrome OS can do. Just Google “Chrome OS,” because it’s everywhere.

I would give Chrome OS an 8.0 / 10.0 for computer beginners, like the grandmas of the world. It’s gets a 2.0 / 10.0 for techies. Why? Three reasons.

  • Needs too many resources for what it delivers.
  • Cannot run executables, not even virtually/sandboxed.
  • Needs the cloud for storage.

Kind of annoying that I can’t just run it on any old laptop / netbook. System requirements are too demanding for what it promises and it seems it’s needed just to have that 2-4 second boot-up time, which honestly it doesn’t mean much to me. There’s never a time where I’m in such a hurry that I need my computer that fast, because I’m either doing something else, or I just use my phone.

I some people really care about boot-up time? I’d rather wait 10 more seconds and have the ability to run .EXE files and have it run on old PC’s. For a minimalist device, I have my table PC or iPhone already that can do all that stuff, and I don’t have to worry about malware on the iPhone. I don’t think techies have to worry to much about malware since they’re careful about getting them in the first place and have good Anti-viruses.

Lastly, an Internet connection is not ubiquitous yet. I’m on the subway a lot where there’s no WIFI and sometimes I travel to places without an Internet connection. I want to be able to at least read my latest documents without connecting to the cloud.

The OS is still in the works, so I suppose maybe they’ll address some of these features in the future.



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