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Search As You Type

Just upgraded recently from WindowsXP to Windows7. One feature I used a lot forever (since Win95 I think), was the search as you type (this is what I call it anyways). It’s when you have an Explorer window open (let’s say in this case c:\ ) and you type “W” – it moves the cursor to directory that starts with the letter “W.” You can type “Win” quickly and it will go to the first directory that starts with those keywords in case you have directories that start with “Win.”

So after I configured the UI settings on Win7 to the way I saw fit, I realized that this feature was gone. It would automatically start searching for text in all files recursively – very annoying. I asked how to turn this feature off in many forums and do what I wanted to do and no one knew.

I finally figured it out. It was a setting that I turned on accidentally. (D’oh!)

Explorer Window -> Organize -> Folder Options -> View Tab -> When typing
into list view -> Select the typed item in the view

That wasn’t checked. I suppose I did it instinctively without thinking. In WindowsXP, the area is used to trigger Advanced File Sharing, and I guess I didn’t realize this in Windows7. Also, I don’t think in XP this is an option you can control because it just works.

Windows7 Options

WindowsXP Options



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