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Show Time/Date/Weather in Perl

This little console program scrapes from and prints to the screen. A handy little program I often use to tell the time in other cities.

sub getCityTime {  
  use LWP::Simple;
  my %hash;

  #new york

  $url = "";
  %hash = ( 'newyork', '179', 
            'darwin',   '72', 
            'tokyo',    '248', 
            'lima',     '131'
  my $html = get($url.$hash{$_[0]})
    or die "Couldn't connect to the website.";
  $html =~ m!<span>([\s\w,;']*)</span>!;
  print "Location ======&gt; ".$1."\n";  

  $html =~ m!<strong>([\s\w:,]*)</strong>!;
  print "Date/Time =====&gt; ".$1."\n";  

  $html =~ m!<strong>(\d{1,3})[\s\w:,;&amp;]*</strong>!;
  print "Temperature ===&gt; ".$1.chr(167)."F\n";  



if ($ARGV[0] ne "") {
  getCityTime( $ARGV[0] );
else {

  print "\nDisplays the time from, based on city.\n\n";
  getCityTime( "newyork" );
  print "==============================\n";
  getCityTime( "lima" );
  print "==============================\n";
  getCityTime( "tokyo" );
  print "==============================\n";
  getCityTime( "darwin" );  




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