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What I Hate About the HTC Evo 4G, coming from the iPhone

I’ve just migrated from an iPhone 3G to an HTC Evo 4G. I can’t deny that I miss my iPhone. I wanted to express my thoughts about the change and hopefully it’ll be helpful to anyone migrating. Now granted, I still like many things about the Evo, and you’ll find thousands of post that describe what’s great about Evo: 4G capability, Android, widgets, more customizations, big screen, dual camera, and because it’s not AT&T… the ability to actually make calls from NYC! What I can’t seem to find enough though, are things people dislike, especially when coming from the iPhone.

All of these refer to native apps / peripherals and how they compare to iPhone native apps. I understand that you can get replacements from the Android store.

Contacts App

  • Contacts cannot be sorted alphabetically by last name.
  • Contact Pictures get pixilated when they sync with Google.

Other Apps / Widgets

  • Calendar widget on the desktop does not show the current date like the iPhone Weather app does NOT show any cities I’m interested (like Little Neck or Lindenhurst) in other than NYC.
  • Voicemail widget does not (at least for me) show the number of new voicemails.
  • No native Notepad.
  • Tight restriction on the size you can assign to your wallpaper or contact portrait.

Phone App

  • Sometimes when people call me, it doesn’t show the portrait because the phone recognizes the incoming number as 212-… and I used 1-212-… in their contact info

General UI

  • There’s generally 2x to 4x as many button presses to get to the actions that I want. For example, trying to assign a default action to a contact. I wouldn’t mind as much, except navigation is intuitive.
  • No media manager like iTunes. As much as I despise iTunes, it lets you manage podcasts.

Actual Phone

  • Does not come with a headset / headphone. What the HELL?!?!?
  • Finding a headset / headphone with a remote control like the iPhone that lets me control the music playback, is difficult. I’ve just tried 5 different ones and none of them work.

Android Store

  • Does not except Paypal
  • Credit card is not always excepted. I’ve put two credit cards (Mastercard and Visa), and they always get rejected with no helpful error message.


  • Easy to get peripherals – Any electronics store has a separate section for just iPhone. Android has been around for years, but because there’s so many variations of phones, there’s a less variation.


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