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Important Phone Features

My AT&T contract expires in August and am considering what phone I should get. The progress of the iPhone is practically stagnating compared to how much Android is making progress. Not to mention the incredibly sucky service AT&T provides and how much cash you have to shell out for it. So I’m considering getting away from the iPhone. Anyways, for my next phone, I’m looking for:

  • Good reception
  • 4G
  • Act as a hotspot
  • Android or iPhone OS
  • The phone must have headphones that function as a remote to control songs (pause/play)
  • Physical Keyboard

That’s really it. Also, I’m looking for a platform that provides the following apps:

  • PDF reader
  • Chm reader
  • Weather
  • Google maps
  • Lirr schedule + map
  • Subway map
  • Rss reader
  • Twitter app
  • Fandango
  • Chat
  • YouTube
  • Radio podcasts
  • Wikipedia
  • Yelp
  • Imdb
  • Taxi
  • Soundhound
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Amazon

Which both the Android and iPhone OS provide. I would’ve gotten the EVO 4G except it didn’t have a physical keyboard. We’ll see what comes out this year.

What I Hate About the HTC Evo 4G, coming from the iPhone

I’ve just migrated from an iPhone 3G to an HTC Evo 4G. I can’t deny that I miss my iPhone. I wanted to express my thoughts about the change and hopefully it’ll be helpful to anyone migrating. Now granted, I still like many things about the Evo, and you’ll find thousands of post that describe what’s great about Evo: 4G capability, Android, widgets, more customizations, big screen, dual camera, and because it’s not AT&T… the ability to actually make calls from NYC! What I can’t seem to find enough though, are things people dislike, especially when coming from the iPhone.

All of these refer to native apps / peripherals and how they compare to iPhone native apps. I understand that you can get replacements from the Android store.

Contacts App

  • Contacts cannot be sorted alphabetically by last name.
  • Contact Pictures get pixilated when they sync with Google.

Other Apps / Widgets

  • Calendar widget on the desktop does not show the current date like the iPhone Weather app does NOT show any cities I’m interested (like Little Neck or Lindenhurst) in other than NYC.
  • Voicemail widget does not (at least for me) show the number of new voicemails.
  • No native Notepad.
  • Tight restriction on the size you can assign to your wallpaper or contact portrait.

Phone App

  • Sometimes when people call me, it doesn’t show the portrait because the phone recognizes the incoming number as 212-… and I used 1-212-… in their contact info

General UI

  • There’s generally 2x to 4x as many button presses to get to the actions that I want. For example, trying to assign a default action to a contact. I wouldn’t mind as much, except navigation is intuitive.
  • No media manager like iTunes. As much as I despise iTunes, it lets you manage podcasts.

Actual Phone

  • Does not come with a headset / headphone. What the HELL?!?!?
  • Finding a headset / headphone with a remote control like the iPhone that lets me control the music playback, is difficult. I’ve just tried 5 different ones and none of them work.

Android Store

  • Does not except Paypal
  • Credit card is not always excepted. I’ve put two credit cards (Mastercard and Visa), and they always get rejected with no helpful error message.


  • Easy to get peripherals – Any electronics store has a separate section for just iPhone. Android has been around for years, but because there’s so many variations of phones, there’s a less variation.

A Fix For Faulty Visual Voicemail on the HTC Evo 4G

I just purchased the HTC Evo a few weeks ago and was privileged to enjoy the annoyance of a faulty visual voicemail. To summarize my problem:

  • The Voicemail App Widget was NOT showing any new voicemails
  • I was not being notified in the notifications panel when a new voicemail arrived
  • In the Voicemail app, it said “No Voicemails”

This was after me fumbling through every conceivable option in Android. I had voicemail notifications turned on and my voicemail was set. I could still check my voicemail manually by holding the number 1 key – but this was very annoying. I went to a Sprint support person, and we were trying out various settings for about 20 minutes without success. Finally, he suggested that I turn off the phone, take out the battery, and then wait 30 seconds to put the battery back on and start it. That did nothing, however.

I was thinking that maybe my recent update to Froyo had anything to do with it. Also, maybe the fact that my number was ported from an iPhone on AT&T. So I tried to look for solutions online. I found two forum posts from people having the same problem:

What Worked For Me

So it seems there are three types of solutions (from what I read in these posts). The third worked for me.

Solution #1: (Quoting Zera from the evo4gforum):

1. Ok, open your voicemail program, it will likely show the “No voicemails” screen.
2. Hit Menu>compose then click in the “To” field at the top to bring up your keyboard.
3. Type this exactly:
4. Hit record, then hit stop.
5. Hit send.

My voicemails I’d been leaving myself all morning to test flooded in within 5 seconds, and the voicemail icon is showing the number of voicemails as well.

Solution  #2: (Quoting peakay from evo4gforum – but forum mod states that the Ghost number is unique and you need to get that from Sprint) :

I just had this problem and nothing I did or looked up help (including the excellent help posted here by the moderator). got off of the line with Sprint and apparently there is sometimes a “Ghost” number set up on your phone during initiation and if your ported # does not get embedded in the software properly, you are hosed.

here is how you fix it:

– from dialer, dial ##643750#
– a menu will pop up, hit edit mode
– there will be 2 options — can’t remember the names.  the top one will be what should be your phone # and the bottom one is a general access # that is *not* your phone #
– on the top entry, click edit and replace the # with your own phone #
– click the menu button on the phone and initiate the change

After I did this, my many test voicemails arrived after about 10 seconds.

Solution #3: (Quoting Sirchuck from xda-developers forum):

It sounds like there is an issue regarding your profile. You could try updating your profile.

Settings – System Updates – Update Profile

Also update the PRL while you’re there.

If those solutions don’t solve your problem, I suggest you read through the entire two forum threads. They contain other suggestions that might work.